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Tinker Taylor Puppets

Professor Tinker Taylor
"Professor Tinker" Taylor

One of the foremost puppeteers of California

Early in life, our professor was irresistibly drawn to this ancient art form and has devoted decades of study and practice to perfecting it for modern audiences. Years of apprenticeship preceded an advanced academic degree and more years of working with the great names of puppetry before striking out on his own.

You can bring a highly entertaining bit of culture to your own function. You and your children will love it.

Punch & Judy

Punch and Judy
Kids love puppets

The Tinker Taylor version of the classic Punch & Judy is ready to put on in your living room or back yard. Perfect for almost any occasion.

A New Show:
Jack & the Beanstalk

Tinker Taylor Puppets, in collaboration with Gilleland Family Marionettes, offers a marionette version of the classic English fairy tale, Jack & the Beanstalk.


Hansel, Gretel & the Witch

Marionette shows are more complex and take more time to prepare, so we need a bit more time to prepare. Choose from:

The Puppets

All the puppets, marionettes, stages and scenery used in the shows are custom made, of his own unique design, by the Professor and his minions in their workshop at an undisclosed secret location. 

The Reaction

Young viewers in awe.

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